Frequently Asked Questions

Does getting paid for using less electricity sound too good to be true? In our FAQ, we answer all your questions about how Meltek works, swarm events and how you get rewarded for saving energy. Still unsure about joining Meltek or we haven't answered your questions, then shoot us an email or check out our help page (Live Chat Available on Weekdays 10am - 4pm EST).

How does the MELTEK program work?
Simple put, you get paid to save energy during high demand. Signing up for Meltek's free program means we will notify you when you can get paid for saving electricity. We would use your meter data provided by your utility account number to measure your energy savings by the minute.

These notifications alert you of peak demand “Events”, which means when your utility will most likely have to resort to turning on extremely expensive and polluting power plants. We will notify you when it's time to switch off lights, turn off large appliances and turn up thermostat to 78 F or shut everything off and head out. Small things like leaving your microwave on standby 24/7 uses 108 watts every day. The more energy you save, the more you can earn!

Meltek members can get back 20% and some even up to 80% of their July and August electricity bills. Your payment by Meltek can be used to redeem gift cards from 100s of brands, donate to 1000s of charities, plant trees or buy carbon offsets. Meltek is currently available for Con Edison, PSEG Long Island and Orange & Rockland/Rockland Electric Company customers.
What is an event?
Events is our term for peak demand time periods when electricity demand is extremely high. An event is an opportunity to get paid for saving energy. When electricity is in high demand and utilities need you to lower your electricity usage for a few hours usually in the late afternoon. During an event, the more energy you save, the more you get paid.
When will I be notified?
You’ll be notified of upcoming events 2 - 24 hours in advance.  Energy-saving events are organized by networks and call windows, for example, in the Times Square network, the demand response call window is 11am-3pm, while Park Slope, Brooklyn is 2pm-6pm. You can find your typical time by signing into and adding your utility account number. You will also receive a text alert and email notification to when it's time to reduce your consumption.
How do I get started?
To sign up go to, then you will need to fill out general contact information so that we can alert you when there's an energy-saving event. We also need your utility account number, so we can gather meter data & calculate your savings.

How do I find my utility account number?
If you are from NYC or Westchester County, we will need your Con Edison Utility Account number. This is on your monthly bill top left.
If you are from Orange County, Rockland County, parts of Sullivan County and parts of New Jersey (where it's called Rockland Electric Company) , we will need your Orange & Rockland Account number, your address and name on your bill. All this can be found on your electric bill!
If you are from Long Island, we will need your PSEG account number and electric meter number. All this can be found on the back of your monthly electricity bill.
If you need help locating your account number, please contact us.
How will I be rewarded or paid?
Use as little electricity as possible during a peak demand event and be rewarded for your energy conservation! Cash out your earnings for gift cards from a multitude of well-known brands, such as Amazon, Target, DoorDash, Starbucks, Best Buy, and many more. Select your desired gift card and the redemption code will be sent for you to use.

Want to get paid in cash? We offer bank transfers through Stripe or a Visa pre-paid online debit card and a physical version. We also have the option to use your energy savings to fund trees being planted in sensitive forests, fund carbon offset projects and donate to 1000s of charities.
Why is it important to participate?
Electricity has historically been the type of commodity people take for granted.  In any other industry, people accept that there are limitations to supply. But today, extreme heatwaves caused by climate change continue to harm our communities and planet resulting in nationwide blackouts and wildfires.

When demand exceeds supply, utilities resort to firing up peakers. In New York State, peakers contribute as much as 94% of the state’s NOx emissions on high-ozone days. The peakers in NYC are primarily located in low-income neighborhoods, and the emissions are linked to many life-threatening illnesses.  Further, the cost of electricity from them is up to 1,300% more expensive than the average cost of electricity in the rest of the state. Through Meltek's free program, we can lower electricity demand to balance the grid and reward the people for their effort. Everyday Residents get paid, the grid is stable and there will be less air pollution. It's a win-win-win