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Meltek is a free service that rewards you for using less electricity during certain hours when energy is in high demand, and the power grid is under strain. Use your energy savings for gift card rewards, donating to charities, planting trees, or buying carbon offsets.

Our users have gotten back over 20% and up to 80% of their July and August electricity bills.

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Testimonials: Users Love Meltek

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Eytan H.
White Plains, NY

“Using Meltek is very easy. I get alerted and paid to use less electricity for a few hours a month. Before an event, I can pre-cool my home by lowering my thermostat more than usual, then, during the event, I raise it up, switch off unneeded lights, and avoid using my dishwasher. For each event, Meltek lets me know how much energy I've saved, the rewards I’ve earned, and the carbon emissions I've reduced.”
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Customer profile
Theresa C.
Brooklyn, NY

“I highly recommend Meltek as it’s easy to set up an account with them, link your utility and you get rewarded for using less electricity”
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Customer profile
Jane L.
Brooklyn, NY

“I saved over 10% on my electricity bill through Meltek and it was so easy to participate. I just turned off everything during the event and left my house for a few hours. That's all it took for me to get paid by Meltek.”
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