Partnership with ConEdison.

Meltek is an official Smart Usage Rewards (Demand Response) Aggregator of Con Edison. We work with Con Edison to reduce the load on the electricity grid when demand exceeds supply.

Con Edison works with Meltek Inc.
Meltek and Con Edison work together to reward New York residents for reducing electricity usage during Peak Demand. You can find us on their website here. Meltek is one of the few dedicated residential demand response aggregators approved to engage with Con Edison customers. Demand response programs help Con Edison reduce the stress on the grid and phase out Peaker Plants. These plants are expensive to maintain and damage the health of nearby low-to-moderate-income communities and the planet. Con Edison would prefer to shift the power to the people and pay them to use less electricity a few times a year.

To sign up for Meltek, we need your Con Edison Account Number, which will allow us to read your meter data and measure how many watts you've reduced to reward you accordingly. The more watts you've reduced, the higher your rewards. Find out how we measure here.

Not serviced by ConEdison but want to get paid for saving energy? 
Meltek plans to expand nationally across the United States in the near future. You can sign up today, and we'll notify you as soon as we're operating in your area.
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