Top 5 Sustainable Clothing Brands to Buy From

Shopping for a new wardrobe to express your own style is amazing but buying from sustainable brands and companies is even better! Not only do you want to look and feel awesome in your new clothing, but you also want to know that what and who you are wearing encourages sustainability and supports our planet. Below are the top five sustainable brands to buy from this summer, check them out!

Published by Meltek on Jul 15, 2022 10:00AM
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1. Lucy & Yak

Looking for a pair of dungarees? Look no further! Lucy and Yak is a New Zealand clothing company that specializes in comfortable, practical and incredibly stylish dungarees. Of course, the company offers a range of other clothing, and what’s even better is their dedication to sustainable practices. One of their newer factories in India is run entirely by solar energy panels. Additionally, all the materials used for packing are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.


Next on the list is the classic footwear brand, TOMS. They too are using recycled materials to make their famous shoe style, in fact, 80% of their materials have been recycled. They are well known for their campaign called “One for One,” where each pair of shoes purchased, another pair is sent to a child in need. They have since discontinued the campaign and now donates a third of their net profits to grassroots organizations.

3. Patagonia

Thinking of taking a summer hike? If you love the outdoors, then you’ll want to check out Patagonia. All of the company’s cotton is 100% organically grown, their most recent line was made of 87% recycled materials, and they are not a part of the fast fashion industry. Comfortable, durable, and timeless, don’t miss out on Patagonia!
4. Levi's
In need of some jeans? Well Levi’s got them! Try out their classic style, the 501 Jean, that has been popular for 150 years. This American company strives to be as eco- friendly as possible; they are actively trying to reduce not only their greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, but their water usage by 80% as well.
5. Adidas
At the top of the sustainability list is the German company, Adidas. This company specializes in active and sportswear, particularly their incredibly comfortable and trendy footwear. The brand is on track to using only recycled polyester by 2024. Additionally, they are focused on reducing their water consumption while increasing their renewable energy usage. Currently, 20% of the energy used in production is renewable. Check out Adidas!
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