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Things You Wish You Knew Earlier : Climate Change Edition

Today, we can hear the phrase “climate change” at every corner of the streets and in every moment of our lives. Especially, with potential heat waves approaching this summer, this topic will surely attract even more attention from the public. However, as much as we talk about it or even just briefly mention it in our conversations, the question is: how much do we understand this phenomenon and the consequences it brings?

Published by Linh Le for Meltek on Jun 24, 2022 10:30 AM
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Let us break the confusion and abstraction around this matter and provide you with suggestions on how you can get paid to help slow down climate change!

1. What causes climate change?
2. Let’s reflect upon what we've lost.
3. Slow down climate change? We’ll show you how to do it!

What causes climate change?

Just by looking at the phrase ‘climate change,’ we can get the idea of what it refers to—the changes in temperatures and weather patterns. Some examples can be temperatures consistently breaking new high records these years, or the sudden change from sunny to stormy weather within the blink of an eye. However, most of the time, such a general definition cannot address everyone's burning question, "So why should I care?"

Let Meltek help you answer this: we all should care because each of us plays a part in making this happen.

Simply speaking, the majority of our daily activities (ranging from transporting, cooking, and purchasing goods to just sitting in an air-conditioned room) consume lots of fuel/coal/gas, which release a massive amount of greenhouse gases into the air. Beyond the emissions from our direct activities, the production & manufacture procedures to provide for us consumers' needs are also equally detrimental. All those gases blanket the Earth and trap the Sun's heat, causing global warming and climate change to happen.
In other words, every day, we're subconsciously contributing to climate change, either directly or indirectly.

Let's face what we've lost to climate change.

We believe that recognizing not just the cause but also the real consequences of climate change will give us a fuller perspective on the matter and motivate each one of us to take action as well.

One of the most observable and dangerous consequences of climate change is natural disasters, including heat waves, wildfires, floods, storms, etc. Within 2021, over 400 natural catastrophes happened across the States. The table below showcases just a few most destructive ones among them. Data by
While we look back at these numbers and reflect upon what we've lost, we shall also take a step further and think about what we CAN do!

We'll show you how to slow down climate change!

Yes, you heard it. Slowing down climate change is still doable if we unite and share together tips and tricks on how to do so. And Meltek is here for all the easiest & even most profitable tips for you!

Reduce your carbon footprint

Hold on! Before you think "What on earth is this? So complicated," let us show you how easy this can be.

Your carbon footprint comes from your daily activities both outdoors and indoors, e.g. driving, using AC or TV, cooking, etc. In other words, to cut down the carbon footprint, you just need to use less electricity and energy.

There's nothing tricky in this. You can easily accomplish it by just increasing your AC to 78 degrees or higher, unplugging devices when you aren't using them, or turning off the lights when you're not there! As simple as that, and you're already one step ahead in saving the planet!
View more energy-saving tips here!

Share this knowledge with everyone

To slow down the climate crisis is by no means a one-man task. It takes an entire village to come together and put the effort in. Thus, raising awareness about this matter starting from your networking circle is definitely one of the first steps to do! Of course, explaining everything to everyone takes a lot of time from you, and we truly understand that. That's why we've come up with this blog post. Now, sharing basic and critical information with your friends and family is literally just one link click away!

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We acknowledge that everyone is busy with lives. Usually, not many people have time to update upon this matter regularly and get enough motivation to take action. No worries! Meltek is here for the solution. We're a FREE service partnering with Con Edison and MCE clean Energy offering to pay you for using less electricity when energy is in high demand while saving you $$ on your power bill. We provide our customers with detailed instructions on how to reduce carbon footprints, pay them for their effort, and keep them updated with our newsletter.

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