Ways to Share Your Meltek Earnings Between You and Your Roommates!

Meltek offers a free program that pays people to reduce their electricity usage during peak demand. To sign up, we need a utility account number to track the household’s electricity usage by the minute.

We know what you’re thinking. If Meltek allows for only one account per utility account number, how should earnings from saving electricity be divided among roommates or even family members? Fortunately, Meltek offers an array of gift card selections that you may choose from. We recognize and appreciate that more than one roommate may be contributing to saving energy during peak demand, and we want to be sure that everyone involved is rewarded!  

Check out these ways you can share the earnings with your roommates.

Published by Meltek on October 7, 2022 12:00 PM

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1. Purchase devices and household items that improve your shared living space.

Instead of dividing up the earnings evenly, you and your roommate can use the rewards to improve your shared living space. One of the many gift cards Meltek offers is Amazon, where you can purchase just about anything you need! With the money that you and your roommates all saved together, you can put it onto an Amazon gift card and use it for shared home amenities like laundry detergent, toilet paper, hand soap, and maybe even some smart home devices like an EUFY Smart Plug Mini or a couple of Wyze Light Bulbs. To learn more about energy saving appliances offered on Amazon, check out one of our past Buzz Blogs here! We also offer Home Depot, CVS and Target gift cards where you can purchase similar products.

Smart Home Devices

2. Put Your Savings Towards a Shared Experience

Spend some time scrolling through Meltek’s gift cards options with your roommates to see which ones interest you all. Perhaps there’s a restaurant (Applebee’s, Chipotle, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, yum!) you all enjoy, or a movie you’ve been wanting to watch together at AMC.  

By putting your earnings on to one of these gift cards, you and your roommates can enjoy some quality time together outside of the house or apartment. Just be sure to turn off all the lights, unplug any unused devices and raise your thermostat a few degrees when you leave the home to save energy and money!  

Movie Theater With Friends

3. Donate to a charity or Plant Some Trees!

If you and your roommates can’t decide on what to buy with your Meltek earnings, you can always decide on social cause you both want to support. We offer the ability to fund tree planting in sensitive areas, fund verified carbon offset projects and the chance to donate to over 1000s of charities, such as WWF, Red Cross, Unicef and more!  

Want to plant trees by saving energy? Simply go to your Dashboard and click “Plant Trees” on the right-hand side. Once you’ve done that you can choose how much of your savings you would like to dedicate towards planting trees in sensitive forests that need to be revitalized. Our tree planting program is handled by Ecologi. This is an easy, environmentally friendly option that helps improve our air quality and removes air pollution.  

Planting Trees

✅You sign up with Meltek on our app - the process takes less than 2 minutes!

✅You follow our suggestions to reduce your electricity usage (as easy as turning off the lights when you head out)

Meltek works with Con Edison to calculate the amount of kWh you saved  

✅You get rewarded accordingly!

Save money on your electricity bill, and get paid for lowering your energy usage! Sign up here and join other Meltek members to start saving today!  

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